Should I have a blog on my corporate company website?

It is common when we have a website for a company or brand we wonder if we should add a blog section with articles.

Well, the first thing we must ask ourselves is what benefit does it have to have a blog.


Why is it beneficial to have a blog?

  • It is a communication channel between your clients and your potential clients that you can capture by reading an article of interest. With your articles on the blog, you show the differential value of your company or brand.
  • A good reception of an article will help to have more notoriety on the internet for your brand through shares on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc… If you manage to build loyal followers on social networks, it is easier for them to keep your brand in mind and become customers.
  • It will add value to your brand or company by seeing that it is a dynamic company that is innovating. You can show improvements in your products or share news related to the sector. If through your blog you answer key questions that your potential clients may ask, they will come to you with those questions through search engines.
  • It will help position your page through your blog articles with the SEO positioning keywords inserted in your articles.
  • If you enable comments you can get quick feedback from your audience about your products and updates.
  • Google loves blogs, Google looks for the most up-to-date websites with the best unique and quality content. And an updated blog is a measure that can assess how updated your website is. Each article you create is an opportunity to be found in search engines if you have good SEO positioning.

Well, we already have the benefits of having a blog, but…


 Is it advisable for my business?


Yes, it is advisable and beneficial to have a blog, but there is a very important requirement that we have already talked about, it must be updated periodically and with quality content, otherwise it will be of little use to have it. Although it is better to publish your articles quite regularly, it does not have to be weekly but do not leave it abandoned, if you are not going to be able to keep it active it will not be worth it.

On the other hand, it is also important to give some care to the treatment of keywords in SEO positioning, so that search engines like Google can find it more easily.

If you decide that it is important for your company to have a blog, you will be asked the following question:


Is it easy to implement it on my website?


Well it depends, if your website is developed in a CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal it is very easy to implement and create articles in your blog, they have a control panel and a very simple and intuitive editor (especially WordPress which was designed at the beginning to manage a blog although nowadays you can have a complete website with WordPress with e-commerce included).

If your website is custom-made with programming languages such as HTML, PHP, Angular, React, ASP.NET, or an old website with ASP, unless, you do not have a manager enabled to publish your articles, it will be more complicated and you will need the help of a professional either to update the existing website or to create a new one to be more up to date.


ALHOSTINGS advise you if you have doubts about the best option and we develop it for you.



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