Why is maintenance of your WordPress important?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) that makes easy to create and manage websites. Have you created a website in wordpress or have you hired someone to create it for you? Very good, and then, does my wordpress need maintenance?

From ALHOSTINGS we say yes, since wordpress is constantly evolving, providing new updates periodically. It is important to update the WordPress version, the theme and the installed plugins.

Reasons why you should do or hire a professional to maintain your WordPress:


Security and protection against hacker attacks

WordPress is creating regular updates to implement new functionalities and to improve the security of its system. Hackers are alert to possible security holes that some version of WordPress may have, and if it is not updated they can take advantage of it and hack your website. Good wordpress maintenance ensures that the latest security measures are taken and vulnerabilities are fixed.

Here is the wordpress releases page: https://wordpress.org/news/category/releases/


Performance and speed

Regular wordpress updates can improve performance and speed by optimizing code and resources. A better loading speed improves the user experience and even keeps the user on your website since if it takes a long time to load some users abandon your website. On the other hand, search engines like Google value loading speed and it has a positive impact on SEO positioning in search results.



Periodic maintenance also involves making regular backups of your wordpress website. This is essential in the event of a system failure, cyber attack (hack), or human error. An up-to-date backup ensures that you can recover your site in case of an unexpected problem.


New functionalities and features

The wordpress system is constantly evolving as we had already mentioned. Developers (not only of wordpress core but also of themes and plugins) release new functions and features that can improve functionality and user experience. Keeping your site up to date allows you to take full advantage of these innovations.

In this section it is also essential that your website is responsive. Compatible and look good on screens of different sizes. WordPress updates often include responsiveness improvements, ensuring your site works effectively on smartphones and tablets.


How often do I have to maintain my wordpress?

If you often access your wordpress panel, it is a good practice to update every time you can, checking later that everything is still working correctly. ALHOSTINGS recommends updating your wordpress, theme and plugins at least once a month to keep your website up to date.



Periodic maintenance of a website created in wordpress is essential. Thus, we help maintain good functioning, a good user experience, good SEO positioning, and a website without technical problems and secure. Investing in regular maintenance is an investment in the continued success of your online presence.



We are experts in WordPress, we will be happy to help you with your maintenance if you need it.


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